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Band creation date : 2005
Years of Activity : 10 Years and Gigs Worldwide details
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Another Day Video clip (2014)

Live In Belgium (2013)
In My Mind (2011)

Parasite (2010)


Yes, November-7 play rock. No, they are not sure whether they fit more into the electro rock or industrial metal or rock metal or whatever other fancy label out there.
What they do know is that they like to tell stories.

Like the bards, who traditionally composed and recited epic poems, these Swiss storytellers populate their songs with characters, at times heroes at times cowardly. And with images, at times dreamy at times brutally real.
But November-7, unlike their ancient cousins the bards, do not play the harp and the lyre, but thunderous guitars, powerful drums and spooky samples.

With all these weird ingredients, they take you on a discovery journey, gripping you right from the start and roughing you up a bit during the ride. And once it’s all over, you’ll beg for more.

2005 – 2010: early years and first album:
Formed in 2005, the band gets immediate exposure in the media.
Between 2006 and 2010 they release several records and DVDs and in 2011 they launch their first full-length studio album, Season 3 (Daily Rock Records / Musikvertrieb) mixed by the legendary Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation, Deathstars).

2014 – 2016 – A medicine to change people’s life:
With their second album, Awaraxid 7mg, released in 2014, they create a brand new drug whose effect is to remind people who they really are.
“There are so many people that are not happy with their life – explains Anna, singer and lyricist of November-7 – and what’s even worse is that being unhappy is considered to be a natural consequence of adulthood. We think that we all bear the privilege and the burden of realizing our true self, and that’s how our album Awaraxid 7mg was born”
The record receives tremendous feedback both from the international media and the fans. November-7 open for well-established artists such as Marilyn Manson, Within Temptation, Sabaton, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil and in 2012 they tour the UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands.

“We thought that it’d be great if there were a drug that could help us bring back our childhood dreams” continues Anna. But once those dreams are re-discovered, it’s up to each individual to realize them. In any case, they will not be able to go back to their previous life and forget their dreams again. The therapy of Awaraxid 7mg is a one-way journey.

Watch the story of the discovery of Awaraxid 7mg

The album Awaraxid 7mg is released on April 25th 2014 (Daily Rock Records / Musikvertrieb) and it’s hailed as an evolution of the already successful previous album:

• “The first album had insane replay value. Sophomore album Awaraxid 7mg will blow you away” - Metalstorm - USA
• “Even better than the first album, Schweizer Qualität” - HardRock Mag – FR
• “A fabulous album, with fat and furious thunderous riffs” - Fireworks Mag - UK
• "I did not want the album to end. Highly recommended: 10/10” - Blackphoenixrising - UK

Its martial sounds blend with melodies, catchy choruses and obsessive guitars, while Stefan Glaumann’s mix delivers each sound with extreme power and accuracy. Both Season 3 and Awaraxid were nominated as best album of the year in 2011 and 2014 by Metal Storm (USA).

2016 to today – A green dinosaur?
The band is now working on their third opus and they have a brand new story to tell… The story of their new producer, Dyno, a green dinosaur who was found miraculously alive in a melting glacier and who, after realizing his species is long gone, decides to invest his time, creativity and energy in trying to save today’s most threatened species from extinction: musicians.
The official release date of the album is to be confirmed.

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Did you know that...

November-7 played in several European countries (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland) and opened for:

- Within Temptation
- Lacuna Coil
- Paradise Lost
- Marilyn Manson
- Sabaton
- Dark Tranquility
- Tristania
- Delain
- Skillet
Check out their performance at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium

Awaraxid 7mg reviews
Season 3 reviews
Nominated Best Album of the Year 2011 by the US web magazine Metalstorm
( )
Live reviews

4 videos: 'Angel', 'Parasite', 'In My Mind', 'Another Day'.
The videos 'Parasite' and 'In My Mind' broadcast by MTV Greece.
Broadcast by MTV Greece and included in the playlist of the music show Roboclip on SF2 (CH).

Release date April 25 2014


1: Tug Of War
2: Acid Life
3: Black Veil
4: Another Day
5: Wicked Love

6: In Denial
7: Alive ?
8: Pieces Of Me
9: Your Turn
10: Black And White
Another Day (Single 2013)
Release date September 9 2013
LIVE IN BELGIUM (Live available on ITUNES)
Release date January 9 2013

1: Another Day
2: Acid Life
3: Acid Life (Radio edit)
4: Another Day (Fun remix)
5: Another Day (Live unplugged)

1: Her Name
2: Two Sides
3: In My Mind
4: Angel
5: Acid Life
6: Parasite
7: Another Day
8: Black Veil
Release date february 4 2011

PARASITE (Single 2010)
Release date may 13 2010

1: Her Name
2: In My Mind
3: Angel
4: Parasite
5: Nowhere
6: Amber Light

7: In Love With Hate
8: Falling Down
9:Untie Your Hands
10:World In Agony
11:Parasite (radio edit)
12:In Love With Hate (softmix)
1: Parasite
2: Her Name
3: Angel 2010
4: Parasite (Radio edit)
ALIVE! (Live CD)
Release date october 31 2008
Release date october 31 2008
1: Intro
2: Angel
3: Two Sides
4: Feel Love
5: Spit It Out
6: Nuvole
7: All The Things
8: Parasite
9: Should I
10: Falling Down
11: Swamped
1: Intro
2: Angel
3: Two Sides
4: Feel Love
5: Spit It Out
6: Nuvole
7: All The Things
8: Parasite
9: Should I
10: Falling Down
11: Swamped
12: Bring Mr to Life
ANGEL (season II)
Release date july 16 2007

Release date april 12 2006
1: Angel
2: Two sides
3: Falling down
4: All the things
Bonus Track:
Angel (radio edit)
1: Feel Love
2: Cotton Clouds
3: Spit It Out
4: Late November Sea
Bonus Track:
Nuvole (version italienne de cotton clouds)
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100'000 copies Worldwides

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3'500 copies Switzerland 1'000 copies France 500 copies
5'000 copies Worldwides 25'000 copies
Germany - Austria -Switzerland
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